Fish oil assists to enhance brain function and improves mood


According to new study, fish oil is most important for growth the brain functions and also improves mood as it contains Omega-3 fatty acids. Fish oil also helps athletes and soldiers to manage intense training better.
The study suggests that low concentration of fish oil in the blood and also lack of physical activity may contribute to the high levels of depressed mood among soldiers returning from combat.

Fish oil content is especially important for soldiers due to the consistent training and physical regiments performed in and out of combat and risk of traumatic brain injury.
Richard Kreider who is researcher at the Texas A and M University said, “We looked at how physical activity levels and performance measures were related to mood state and resiliency. What we found was the decrease in physical activity and the concentration of fish oil and Omega-3s in the blood were all associated with resiliency and mood.” The study originated from research that examined Omega-3 fatty acid levels of soldiers who committed suicide compared to non-suicide control and found lower Omega-3 levels in the blood were associated with enhanced risk of being in the suicide group.
“The mental health of soldiers is a serious concern and it is exciting to consider that best diet and exercise might have a direct impact on improving resiliency,” said Nicholas Barringer, Researcher at the Texas A and M University.
The formula measures a number of factors including fitness and psychometric assessments, physical activity and additional analysis.
“The military is using some of our exercise, nutrition, and performance-related work and the findings may help identify soldiers at risk for depression when they return from combat tours,” Kreider added.
The study mentioned that by working to identify such high-risk issues faced by soldiers, it can set a precedent that will benefit not only the military leadership, but also the general public.