Exit Poll of Bihar election: India Today Group Cicero exit-poll survey shows BJP will win in Bihar election 2015


Right now India Today Group Cicero pre- poll took u-turn for the BJP and its alliance the pre-poll survey has predicted the BJP will win with simple majority in Bihar Election 2015 with whopping 125 seats out of 243, where only 122 seats are required to win in Bihar election.

Bihar assembly election exit poll live

But according to the Cicero Exit poll survey The JDU-RJD and Congress alliance will only 106 seats which is below of the mark (122 seats needed to win in election).
So The JDU-RJD and Congress alliance is losing in Bihar Election 2015 as India Today Group Cicero survey has been showed.

The India Today Group Cicero Exit poll survey also described that the BJP-led alliance, including LJP, RLSP and HAM parties will win 42 percent of the total votes while JD-U and its alliance will win 40 percent.

India Today Group Cicero Exit- poll Bihar election result 2015

Before just a day India TV C-Voter Exit Poll showed that RJD-JDU-Congress alliance in on strong position and going to win approx 116 to 132 seats in the Bihar Assembly election 2015. While BJP-LJP-HAM alliance was projected around 94-110 seats in House.
India TV C-voter Exit Poll of Bihar Assembly Election 2015 were based on methodology based on random stratified sample of 10,683 interviews covering all the Assembly constituencies during the last week of August and the first week of September.