Exercise can help in diabetes disease


Continuing exercise is a major part of controlling diabetes along with proper meal planning, taking medications as prescribed, and stress management. Exercising regularly can lower blood glucose and improve your A1C. When you lower your A1C, you may be able to take fewer diabetes pills or less insulin.

We can take a lot of advantages by Exercise for diabetes control, but the biggest one is that it makes it easier to control your blood sugar level. People with type 2 diabetes have too much glucose in their blood, either because their body doesn’t produce enough insulin to process it.

Exercise can reduce the glucose in your blood. Muscles can use glucose without insulin when you are exercising.

If you are insulin resistant, exercise actually makes your insulin more effective. That is – your insulin resistance goes down when you exercise, and your cells can use the glucose more effectively.

Exercise can also assist people with type 2 diabetes avoid long-term complications, especially heart problems. Exercise helps keep your heart healthy and strong.

Plus, exercise assist you to enhance HDL cholesterol that helps you hold up Heart Attack or Brain Attack.
Some exercise importance which has been given below. We can control diabetes diseases to follow it.
Benefits from regular exercise:

  1. lowers blood pressure and LDL cholesterol
  2. lowers your risk for heart disease and stroke
  3. burns calories to help you lose or maintain weight
  4. Exercise increases your energy
  5. you can sleep better
  6. Exercise, strengthens your heart and improves your blood circulation
  7. strengthens your muscles and bones
  8. keeps your joints flexible
  9. improves your balance to prevent falls
  10. reduces symptoms of depression and improves quality of life