Depression in parents, grandparents major risk for children


According to study, Children parents or grandparents whose are facing from depression are the major risk for children. Parent’s depression can be more depressive disorder for children.

Myrna M. Weissman, who is a researcher at the Columbia University, studied 251 grandchildren about age of 18 years, their biological parents and grandparents.
The study has suggested after comparing two generations those grandchildren with depressed parents had twice the risk of MDD compared with non-depressed parents, as well as enhanced risk for disruptive disorder, substance dependence, suicidal ideation or gesture and poorer functioning.

The authors compared three generations and said as a conclusion  that grandchildren with both depressed parent and depressed grandparent had three times the risk of MDD. Children without a depressed grandparent but with a depressed parent had an overall worse functioning than children without a depressed parent.

“In this study, biological offspring with two previous generations affected with major depression were at huge risk for major depression, suggesting the potential value of determining family history of depression in children and adolescents beyond two generations,” added Weissman.