Delhi government struggles with dengue Issues


NEW DELHI – Around 21 people have died in Delhi by dengue disease , and at least 2,400 cases were reported in what has been described as the city’s worst dengue fever continue in five years.

According to experts doctor the mosquito, which transmits the dengue virus to humans, breeds in clean water and the recent showers might lead to water accumulation on rooftops and other spots.

The Delhi government had ordered an extra 1,000 beds for public hospitals to treat dengue patients. As a parents of a seven years old were suicide due to dying his son by dengue disease at hospital after refused by doctor causes by unavailable the beds.
Inder Raj Singh, malaria inspector for the Municipal Corporation of Delhi (MCD), told on Friday that the Delhi government had controlled the situation and governments operation is continue for ending the dengue.

“We are working 24 hours to control it. We do fogging in every locality, in schools, temples and homes. People don’t need to panic.”

Dengue is caused by the bite of female Aedes aegypti mosquitoes and causes fever, headache, and joint and muscular pain, among other symptoms.

It is also referred to as “Break bone fever” because of the severe pain it can inflict.
The outbreak in Delhi has exposed inadequate public health measures to combat it and overwhelmed both government and private hospitals.