Daily exercise may boost better lung function to smokers


NEW DELHI: According to the latest study, daily exercise is the best process to boost the lung function for those people who have habituated to smoke daily. in the other words, we can say that daily exercise is the best remedy for smokers that may help in boosting lung functions. So, daily exercise is essential for those people who smoke daily.

“This result illuminates the importance of physical activity among current smokers specifically, which are a group at higher risk of weak lung function,” said Elaine Fuertes, the researcher from the Barcelona Institute of Global Health.

Over a 10-year period, 3,912 adults were considered as being active if they exercised with a frequency of two or more times a week and a duration of one hour a week or more.
Associations between physical activity and lung function were only apparent among current smokers, suggesting the existence of an inflammation-related biological mechanism, the researchers said.

The researchers also found that participants who were active at the end of the study, either by becoming active or remaining active throughout, had significantly higher lung function than those regularly inactive.
“The results of this study strengthen the epidemiological evidence supporting an association between physical activity and respiratory health,” said co-author Judith Garcia-Aymerich.