Consume more fruit for woman during pregnancy enhances IQ in children


Consumption of fruits in more quantity for women during the pregnancy enhances higher Intelligence quotient in children. According to study, published in the journal, EbioMedicine, has found that women who take more than more fruit during pregnancy had children with higher Intelligence quotients at one year old children.

In a recent study, Canadian researchers from the University of Alberta found that one of the factors contributing to improved perceptional development in children was the amount of fruit their mothers ate during pregnancy.

Despite their discovery, the researchers suggest pregnant women against going overboard on fruit. The scientists studied 688 one-year-old babies, who were controlled for factors otherwise affecting their learning and development, such as family income and parental education.

They found that the women who consume six to seven fraction of fruit per day along with juices — had children with Intelligence quotients six or seven points higher on the standard scale at one year old.

The scientists also plan to study the impact of fruit consumption on cognitive functions such as planning, organizing and working memory.