Congress to plunge countrywide movement against Modi government on July 22


Allahabad: According to Congress leaders, movement will launch a countrywide on July 22 against BJP-led NDA government for its failures to fulfill electoral promises.

Congress national representative Rita Bahuguna Joshi told ,”It has been more than a year since the BJP achieved the feat of getting a majority on its own.

Narendra Modi, who had attracted public opinion by mobile in his favor by making a large promises on one hand and on the other blaming every ill in the country on the Congress-led UP. But, His tenure has been marked by his deafening silence amid scandal after scandal that his party is embroiled in.”

Joshi also said, “On July 22, we will launch manifestation across all districts in the country wherein we will be explaining to the people how they were being taken for a ride by those who had secured their votes”.

Joshi attacked on Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi saying he was busy in clicking selfies even as his party leaders were found to be involved in Lalit Modi controversy.

“The PM appears to be busy clicking selfies at a time when the External Affairs Minister Sushma Swaraj is being accused of having helped Lalit Modi who is a runaway. He also has been keeping mum over the close links with the former IPL Commissioner which Rajasthan Chief Minister Vasundhara Raje Scindia is said to have,” she said.

She also arose the question PM’s silence over the ongoing multi-crore Vyapam defraud. “And we are yet to hear anything from him on the Vyapam defraud of Madhya Pradesh which besides involving financial irregularities, has claimed so many lives in its trail,” Joshi said.