Congress forbid PM Modi’s ‘Mann ki Baat’, Election Commission Disagrees


NEW DELHI: Prime Minister of India Narendra Modi announce to speeches by radio as Mann Ki Baat, on Sunday but Congress has forbid on it .

According to opposition Congress, Mann Ki Baat speeches should be not broadcast by radio on Sunday to PM Narendra Modi before holding Bihar Assembly Election in 2015.Opposition Congress request that is unlikely to find favour with the Election Commission.
The Congress claims that the PM can use the Sunday programmes on state-run All India Radio to advantage for his party by highlighting achievements including making promises that could influence voters in Bihar.

64 years old Narendra Modi that represents the BJP begins a large rally including his partners in the state which starts voting next month.

It is hopped by The BJP including his partners to defeat Nitish Kumar. Even Nitish Kumar became third chief Minister in Bihar.

Election officials say that the same allegation about the PM’s radio addresses was examined during recent elections in Delhi and Maharashtra, with the conclusion that the speeches on state-run radio are intended for a nationwide audience.

Refrence in the Election Commission said that they will act if parts of the Mann Ki Baat lectures appear to be entrance hall for the Bihar election.

They allow him to connect directly with the common man, and showcase his personalized style of leadership. Mr Modi has used his speeches to bring focus to uncomfortable issues like drug abuse and sanitation problems that past governments have often avoided.