CBI asked to finish parties who don’t fall in line: says Arvind Kejriwal


New Delhi: Delhi Chief Minister Arind Kejriwal attack on the Central government after CBI raids on Principal Secretary Office and claimed today that the Central Bureau of Investigation has been directed by Opposition parties and finish those who don’t fall in line.

“A CBI officer told me yesterday that CBI has been asked to target all opposition parties and finish those who don’t fall in line,” the AAP chief tweeted this morning.

The ruling government AAP in Delhi has said that the CBI raids at Kejriwal’s Principal Secretary Office, Rajendra Kumar, on Tuesday was targeted at inquiring files related to DDCA, which Finance Minister Arun Jaitley headed for 13 years till 2013.

On December 17, the AAP and BJP were discussing in a bitter war with Kejriwal seeking Jaitley’s resignation for corruption and the latter accusing the AAP leader of spreading untruth and falsehood.

While Kejriwal said the Union Minister must resign or should be sacked, the BJP and the Central government said that he won’t be resigning as he had done nothing wrong.

“It is a part of propaganda technique to deflect attention when you yourselves are in the dock. Finding himself acting as a shield to cover an officer under investigation, the Delhi chief minister has attempted to focus attention on me,” Jaitley’s FB post reads further.