Breastfeeding the best process to baby development; know breastfeeding advantages

Breastfeeding impact baby health

NEW DELHI: Breastfeeding is a prominent factor in the development of a baby because both the mother and her baby’s health are impacted due to breastfeeding.
Breastfeeding is full of with basic nutrition that also reducing the mother’s stress-levels and the risk of postpartum depression.
According to study, it also puts you at a lesser risk of some types of cancers.

Some list of tips has been given following which are essential to know every mother:

• The mother should try to breastfeed the baby within the first hour after delivery. That’s when your breast produces first milk. It is covered with nutrients in a little quantity which needs a newborn.
• The lesser you nurse, the lesser milk your body will produce. Ensure you are eating well and getting enough rest. You will need both as your body converts your calories to milk.
• When your baby touches your body, his/her mouth should take in as much of the dark part of your breast, the areola. The baby squeezes the milk ducts beneath that area to draw the breast milk out.
• The mother should not be hurry to offer the second breast newborn until baby does not satisfy to drink with the first breast. After satisfaction of the first breast, the baby will self-leave the first breast.
• As the experts say breastfeeding is a learning process in which both the counterparts are learning.
• During the first week, the baby seems hungry all the time as the baby is trying to cope with the new environment and frequent breastfeeds will not only help him in adjusting but also help your body to make more milk to meet baby’s demand.
• The healthcare will guide you on the technique of latching and holding the baby to make breastfeeding more comfortable for you and for your baby
• It promotes skin to skin contact and lets you spend a lot of time with your newborn, helping in understanding his cues and requirements.