Best body oils for dry skin in winter season


NEW DELHI: Generally, mostly people faces with dry skin problem in winter season which has needed to important care for their dry skin remedy.

We can cure dry skin by extra care. Though there are many skin care products are easily available in market for you, it is always better to opt for natural oils to treat dry skin.

Body oils have been given below from which we can cure dry skin easily:

# Olive oil: Olive oil is beneficial for the skin as it contains various kinds of minerals, vitamins and antioxidants provide nourishment and oxygen to the body.

# Mustard oil: Mustard oil helps in making the dry patchy skin smooth and soft. The oil is often used in aroma therapy treatments.

# Coconut oil: Being a natural hydrating agent, coconut oil is a great moisturizer and even helps in getting rid of acne.

# Shea Butter oil: Being a rich source of Vitamin A, shea butter oil is a great moisturizer and helps the skin in reducing wrinkles, dark patches etc.

# Lavender oil: The oil is good for dry skin as it contains compound linalool that helps in treating aridness and scars.