Ball games can boost bone health in school children


Mostly, all parents want to see as a strong body, healthy bone to their children that is also essential for the children. It is said that healthy mind remains in the healthy body. The game is the best and easy tip that boosts healthy bone including a strong body to your children.

There are a lot of games for school children but ball game is one of them which are more beneficent for those children who learn in school. So, parents should encourage their children to play ball games.

The latest study has claimed that ball games may help children to develop stronger bones. The ball game is a kind of exercise which is helpful in boosting bone health.

According to the researchers, eight to ten-year-old school children developed stronger bones, increased muscular strength and improved balance after playing ball games regularly.

“Our research shows that intense exercise at school has clear positive effects on bone density, muscular strength and balance in eight to ten-year-old children,” said the lead author of the study, Peter Krustrup Professor of Sport and Health Sciences at the University of Southern Denmark.

The researchers compared the effects on children who took the normal school physical education classes with children who had intense exercise regularly for two hours a week in the form of ball games on small pitches or ‘circuit training’ consisting of gymnastics and strength exercises using their own body weight.

In the children in third grade who played ball games three against three or participated in circuit training for three days in a week for 40 minutes, muscular strength improved by 10%  and balance improved by 15 %.

While the children’s bone density increased by a whole 45 % compared to the control group.