Attack by Airstrikes, IS recruits child soldiers: US


US military spokesperson said on Friday, the Islamic State group is growing ranks by recruiting child soldiers to replace thousands of its fighters those are died in US-led faction air strikes.

Colonel Pat Ryder of the US military’s Central Command said the number of child soldiers — some as young and some as 10 years old, had been growing regularly and that some are even being used to put prisoners to death.

“This again is an indication that they are scraping to replace the losses that they have experienced on the battlefield,” he said.

According to the US report, there is none officer counts enemy dead– it was criticized during the Vietnam War for using “body counts” as a metric of progress — as it leads the multinational faction conducting air strikes against IS fighters in Iraq and Syria.

But Pentagon estimates suggest the number of killed person jihadists is between 23,000 to 33,000.

When the six boys are chosen by an instructor to “send a message” to IS’s opponents, five of them shoot and kill Syrian captives, while the sixth slits a prisoner’s throat.

Although child soldiers have been used before to guard checkpoints or gather intelligence, IS has begun increasingly using them to execute prisoners.

Ryder expressed that more than more majority of IS fighters are military-aged males.