AIIMS discover dengue strains affecting Delhi


New Delhi: The All India Institute of Medical Sciences (AIIMS) on Friday known the strains of fever infecting the Capital’s population as being severe, one in every of that has seldom been isolated before.

The identification of the strains — serotype 2 and 4 —  is expected to help experts in understanding the disease pattern. Though the strains are known to have severe disease manifestations, doctors in the city said they are prepared to handle the disease.

According to Dr Rommel Tickoo, senior consultant, department, Max Healthcare, “Strains 2 and 4 are the unhealthy ones however, fortuitously, clinically we tend to are not seeing too several complications. Not many of us need hospital care, of internal medicine and recover on their own on an OPD basis.”

An official statement from AIIMS same, “The medical specialty laboratory of the department of biological science has already generated preliminary information on the serotypes of dandy fever virus current in city throughout this in progress season. This seems to be a co-circulation of serotypes 2 and 4 this year.”

“This is predicated on preliminary information from the primary heap of 9 acute section body fluid samples of suspected cases… whereas serotype a pair of was the predominant serotype in circulation throughout the last 2 years additionally, serotype four has been isolated terribly seldom in previous years,” the statement any browse.

According to the specialists, characteristic the serotype helps in knowing the general sickness pattern. “This is primarily for the doctors and teachers to assist perceive that virus is current,” same a senior scientist within the union ministry of health and family welfare, requesting namelessness.

“Usually, virus kind 2 and 4 are known  to possess a large of severe sickness manifestations and therefore the remaining 2 are less severe,” the scientist same. The AIIMS’ medical specialty laboratory is AN apex laboratory for the National Vector Borne sickness management Programme for dandy fever and chikungunya.