Actor Shatrughan Sinha’s biography to be exposed today


New Delhi: Actor Shatrughan Sinha, connected politician exposed his biography today.

The book “Anything But Khamosh” will be launched on Wednesday in New Delhi in the presence of BJP experienced leader LK Advani and Yashwant Sinha including Delhi Chief Minister Arvind Kejriwal.

Sinha’s daughter actress  Sonakshi Sinha will also be appear at the occasion.

Film actor Shatrughan Sinha said that I have enough regret for fighting with actor Rajesh Khanna from Delhi in 1911 when came in politics. I had apologised to Rajesh Khanna directly for politics fighting.

Under no circumstances should I have started my active political career with a bye-election. But I couldn’t say no to (LK) Advani ji, who was my guide, guru and ultimate leader.

Some keys have been taken from his book.

• When I lost Delhi’s bye-election, it was one of my rare moments of dejection. I also felt very let down because Advani ji had not come even for one day to campaign for me.
• One day, a party official with the BJP, came and told me, ‘Shatruji, please wait outside. We’ll call you when we’re ready to talk to you’. This statement hurt me so badly.
• I didn’t know my people were so helpless that they had to wait for an election to take action. That too against a man who had won with a vote share percentage of more than 55 percent which even our prime minister and Kejriwal didn’t reach.
• The party was spoliated by some people in Bihar who conveniently played deaf-mute. They were not ready to listen to me or to speak to me. That’s how they created an impression which the opposition seized an opportunity and the ‘Bihari versus Bahari’ slogan was coined.
• I’ve always said, BJP is my first and my last party. Once a friend, always a friend. ‘Ladte jhagadte hain’ but we remain family…A member’s equation with the party is like the relationship between a husband and wife.
• From being called a BJP Party with a difference, we began to be called a party with differences.