Actor Randhir Kapoor on Karisma-Sunjay’s divorce


New Delhi:-Bollywood actor and father of actress Karisma Kapoor, Randhir Kapoor has spoken on his daughter’s separation from husband named Sunjoy Kapoor. The acting veteran has trash Sunjoy’s allegation on Karisma which say that the actress married the top businessman for money.

Actor Randhir kapoor said in his statement that Kapoor’s are blessed with immense talent and money by God and they don’t need anyone else’s wealth to fulfil their needs.

Actress Karisma married Sunjay in the year 2003.But the relationship  between couple was not fine from those days.Although,
Karisma-Sunjoy have two children named Samaira and Kiaan Raj Kapoor.

“The whole world knows about the Kapoors and god has blessed us with enough wealth and talent. We can support ourselves for the rest of our lives,’’ said.

Mr. Kapoor reacting on an allegation said that Sunjoy must be trying to impress his girlfriends. .
Mr Kapoor also shared that Sunjay “must be trying to impress his girlfriends that he is very wealthy. He might be doing it for his own publicity”.

He also vowed his love and dedication towards his children and said that he is a typical Indian father