Four India and Pakistan fans were injured while Watching match


In a club, while watching the Indo-Pak match on TV India and Pakistan cricket fans dispute with each other, in which four people were injured. Police said that, In Maryland RSL club on Sunday 40 people were involved.

Three people were taken to Vestmeed hospital while one were taken to Auburn hospital. These four have no serious injuries. Police are now looking for security camera footage, but so far no one has been arrested. World Cup match between arch rivals India and Pakistan was one of the most anticipated games and nearly a billion people around the world reportedly watched it.
Club CEO Brian Miller said that, on Sunday night in the club room about 180 people had gathered to watch the live broadcast of the match on TV. He said, the CCTV footage shows the two men threw a dispute stool, after which they ran away from the club.
The match was played yesterday during the world cup in which India beats Pakistan , to kept up their record sixth consecutive. Pakistan lost the match by 76 runs.