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Sunday, September 24, 2017


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Eight-month-old kid Chahat Kumar from punjab weights over 17 kgs

NEW DELHI: After world's heaviest women Eman Ahmed,  Chahat Kumar is the heaviest Indian kid from Punjab who has 17 kgs weights in only...

Horse-riding is beneficial for kids which boost cognitive skills and nervous system

NEW DELHI: Do you wish your children to own a wonderful memory and to find out the way to solve sums quickly? Consistent with...

Tuned with the updates of Whatsapp, Facebook and Twitter grows tension

NEW DLHI: Do you often take out your smartphone to constantly check Whatsapp, email, Facebook and Twitter updates? You may be at an increased...

Butter consumption may put you at diabetes risk

NEW DELHI: People who consumed 12 grams per day of butter had a two-fold higher risk of developing diabetes. Saturated and animal fat such as...

Tips to prevent lung diseases and its symptoms

New Delhi: Generally, people feel difficult to breathe due to lung diseases, because lung infection affects the lung. Lung disease is a group of disorders...

Vegetable may reduce risk of heart disease including diabetes

NEW DELHI: Some people are suffering from heart and diabetes disease nowadays in every country. But there is no need to worry regarding these...